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What is a Wedding Film for gC?
A Wedding Film is a cinematic look with an untold story and a movie that you can watch in Hollywood or even Bollywood as a true story.
I have a few gC wedding film styles: SDE Wedding Film, Wedding Short Film with 7 to 8 minutes, Wedding Film with 30 minutes or less and Wedding Cinema with normal length as movie.
How do I make a Wedding film?
1st I have to find a couple who is getting married and willing to share their story. Then they have have to pick what kind of wedding film they like. Some couples don’t want to share their story and some of them are willing to share their amazing love story. I can’t just make all of my couples have a wedding film, because I don’t work that way. Customers have options and I believe customers are always right as we serve them. If the couple wants a normal wedding video, what I normally do is chronological order for an hour and a half long. When the couple wants a wedding film then I have to compose a story about their wedding day. I don’t normally plan or direct what they do on their big day because if you do that, you are telling their story the way you want it to be and not telling their real story. I usually let them do the natural things they do on the wedding day and then I capture their precious moments.
When I make a wedding film, it depends on the kind of story the couple has. It could be just a few minutes long or an hour long.
Here are the samples of gC wedding films.

SDE Wedding Film

Wedding Short Film

Wedding Film

Wedding Cinema

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G+M 4K 3

Samsung Canada asked me to test this camera before I used it as my official camera in Samsung films.
I was honoured to test out this amazing camera, NX1, in all 4K UHD video shoot for 1 night at the Toronto Sushi Festival and 2 days at Blue Mountain. I only had it for 4 days and I got to return it as soon we came from Blue Mountain. Most of my shots in 4k are time-lapse and random shots. I limited the camera tricks for more quality so I didn’t have many creative shots in 4K. I did a few post edits by doing a zoom in and zoom out effect. As you can see, zooming in is clear enough to play around with the frame.

Here’s what I can say or what I can tell you about this camera in comparison to my Canon 1DC and my Samsung NX30 from Samsung Canada. NX1 is almost the same as the NX30 menu setting except the NX1 has more options to choose from. The buttons are more user friendly. It has 4k with different frame rates, 1080p with 120fps. The Canon 1DC doesn’t have settings for time-lapse video. I have to use INTERVALOMETERS AND REMOTE TIMERS to save some space for my media card instead of recording 4K video for 10 minutes or longer with gigantic loads of files in your CF media card. Unlike the NX1 that has options to adjust speeds. For still photography, NX1 with 28MP can shoot 15fps and is faster than 1DC (14fps). Sensor wise, the NX1 at 28MP APS-C-size BSI-CMOS sensor provides 4K and UHD video recording in amazing detail and colour. Coding H.265 is unreadable to the application that I use, so I have to convert into H.264 to import them to my editing apps. It doubles the files and it consumes time. With the NX1, you can get converter apps by plugging the NX1 to your computer and following the instructions. Here is another site that you can get H.265 to H.265 or ProRes 422 Codec.

I would like to say thanks to Samsung Canada for lending me this camera. They told me once I tried it, I would get 2 NX1s. I’m waiting for the new firmware update as the same features of new NX500 does. Now we are working on having a pair of NX1s and 50-150mm lenses. I am so excited to use this camera. For more specs about NX1 this is the site. Samsung Nx1

Insta Film

Tools: NX1, 16-50mm 2.0-2.8f lens, glide cam 4000HD, Kessler pocket dolly.
Note: I have some footages of 1080p with 120fps and soon to be uploaded from the engagements Shoot in Blue Mountain Ski resort.

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