Jenilee + Martin | Toronto

It all started in March 2009 when Jenilee and Martin met at their mutual friend’s birthday party. Turns out they already knew a lot of the same people but their paths just never crossed until this very day! In fact, when Martin first asked a friend to introduce him to Jenilee, it was mentioned to them that they were basically neighbours! You got it…they lived in the same neighbourhood and were only 5 minutes away from each other! It was always something special from the moment these two met. They started off as friends, taking their time to get to know one another. As time went on they became best friends – going out for burgers, seeing movies, shopping for clothes, watching Raptors games, partying together, going on trips, talking until the sun came up…just about everything! Jenilee and Martin can be individually described as very friendly, fun, warm, silly, and weird (in a good way!) so this relationship obviously just fell together naturally!

Fun fact: these two never actually had a real “anniversary date” until they got married on a beautiful sunny day on September 9, 2017.

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