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“The beginning of love when the fire begins to ignite, suddenly you find yourself head over heels for that special someone. Puppy dog eyes bewitched by the purring of affection between you.”
Here I give you a stroke of love in a spectacular kind of way.
T’was such a winning wedding!
This was one of the best weddings I have ever attended. I mean I seriously cannot just pick a favorite. Weddings are just too out of this world ..not to mention the happenings at Rebecca and Justin’s ceremony. They looked so obviously in love and perfect for each other and just seeing how happy and supportive their families were at the ceremony made it a hundred times more special and unforgettable.
It was an event with such good vibes from start to finish! (literally from the ceremony to the reception). I strongly believe that the bride and groom helped set the tone early on- they were whimsical and lighthearted and just having a dazzling time. You know what they say about these adorable couples.. so young and in love!
Overflowing with this couple’s personality and style, every second of this gorgeous video is a little glimpse of their love story and who they truly are and what their interests are, hence the R&B music in the background (I love them for loving that genre) and it’s definitely a wedding that is one for the books!
I would like to propose a toast to the amazing couple. Stay in love and as well paired as two bookends! So let us congratulate Rebecca and Justin for taking this significant leap and let us wish them all bliss from this day on.


Samsung Canada | TOKTW 2013

My 4th year of working in Samsung Canada as an official video guy is one of the best job in the world. Beside the Samsung is #1 brand in Canada and #8 On Best Global Brand.

Samsung was one of Canada’s Outstanding Employer in 2012 and 2013.

The video below, these are the grade 9 students will tell us about their experienced, future career aspirations and their Take Our Kids to Work day experiences at Samsung’s The Learning Partnership (TOKTW) Program on November 6 2013.

I’m so proud to be part of this team. Thank you ‪#‎samsungcanada‬ and Michelle Mañebo Manglal-Lan.


{lori+daryl} Mirrors

“Love promises eternity – a reality far greater and totally other than our everyday existence.”
With that said, marriage is angelic for the reason that God created man and woman, how He calls them together in marriage and how He formed their married love to bring to light His ceaseless, generous love to the world. When encountered with this kind of beauty, it knocks us off our feet because it is captivating and pleasant.
What a wedding it was. Lori and Daryl were a couple of elegant taste. That was mirrored in Lori’s looks and the breathtaking wedding dress she wore and of course, the superhero shirts that Daryl and his groomsmen ever so wonderfully donned. They were quite the cherry on top!
When the bride, preceded by her bridesmaids, made way into the chapel, Daryl looked in awe at her. It all went without a mishap and the families and friends who were present were charmed with the proceedings. Tears of joy all poured out!

I am very grateful to Daryl and Lori and their families for the opportunity to be part of this marvelous (get it, MARVEL-ous – superhero shirts? Haha) wedding. This is one wedding I could fall in love with over and over again!



{heda+sumit} hindu wedding in toronto

“What do we say here, here in this breathless hour? This hour that came after the many we waited. The hour of hands held and tears wiped and that quiet vibration that dances across the floor and whispers, ‘lean in to me and hear, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.’ What do we say here, here in this breathless moment? This moment that will fall away to make room for a lifetime more, this moment that came after a million others, all leading us here. This moment of stolen glances and frozen seconds and the foreheads leaning into chests filled with hearts beating like drums in the night. This moment that whispers, ‘lean in and hear …You are home.’”
This wedding has taken me quite a long time to post. I wanted to give it the post it’s worthy of and I still feel as if I haven’t done a good job at doing so. First and foremost, let me just say that to me, a bride deserves to be in a gown that says, “hey, look at me, I’m tying the knot today!” and to me, this dress on Heda said that and to every guest who caught sight of the bride, especially her now other half Sumit. The day was filled with all the pieces that make me love my job. I cried, I laughed, I think I may have even danced! Seeing how two worlds, Hindi meets Catholic became one by the end of the evening was entertaining and admirable at the same time. Seeing how well harmonized two people can be and how alluring families are to have and to care about so deeply, was a sign that life …is precious! They led two clashing lives, but throughout their relationship somehow they managed to fuse their lives together in a perfect, completing blend. I envision the metaphor of soup or salad. The ingredients just mesh well together to cook up something brilliant! Once again I tear up just writing this, die hard romantic. It was a ceremony like no other. It had countless, deep components. In addition, one of the reasons why I love being an observer is being able to internalize all the various ways and cultures wish joy to the marriage of two families and two hearts. I could go on for days about this wedding in particular. I had an ecstatic time working on this and it was dazzling.
I give out my prayers and blessings of infinite years of love and happiness for you, Heda and Sumit and thank you for sharing with me your special day!

Thank you to Sherwin Javier for the another opportunity.

Here is another blog from Jason Magbanua from the Philippines Wedding.


{ amor+kendall } Words

“2 souls captured and raptured. Together forever in love’s eternal bliss. Love discovered, uncovered, found in the moment of the first faithful kiss.”
Spoken word and weddings …a literary love infused with romantic love. It can’t get any more saccharine than that. Looking back (being the romantic that I am), it still never fails to send chills down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. Amor and Kendal share a special, passionate, one-of-a-kind love. The bond that they possess is irreplaceable and divine. They are on the most tender love they have yet known.
It was a serene and expressive wedding in a small yet admirable chapel on a cheerful day, engrossed with mixed emotions from family and friends who made it to the ceremony. You could literally tell that love was spread all over the place just by taking a glance around and seeing all of the positive energy that was sculpted on everybody’s faces. Tears of joy filled the whole room. She makes him feel like he’s on cloud nine and there’s no denying that (just get a load of his affectionate and genuine words, not to mention his impressive attempt at speaking Tagalog). He was enamored with the way she was swept off her feet, the sparkle in her eyes when she gazed into his and the radiant smile she wore in his presence. The respect and devotion they hold for each other displayed how drunk they both were off the sensation of being loved. Kendall was in love with the simple beauty of being adored in return and that did so much to enrapture his soul. In all honesty, if the sweetest candy in the world has yet to be made, it would be named after the initials K&A (get it? Like M&M’s, *hopes for laughter*).
This wedding outlined a tale that was elegantly old-fashioned that (if you watch the SDE) might prompt you to curl up with a good volume. Without question, it echoed the artistic personalities of the couple!
Their love story resembles a romantic spoken word piece that was in progress but that won’t be concluded just yet because it has only just begun.
To Kendal and Amor, I am raising my glass to both of you. You have gifted each other the chance to light a fire which now forever ignites within yourselves. You are each other’s years of experience and history and together a cycle the Lord wrapped you in formation into eternity. For anything I give the best of my wishes to both of you. You will have an amazing rest of your life together and do thrilling things. That is your future and it’s going to be wonderful as you two! Congratulations, both of you deserve the best.


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